Other Ensembles

Our Other Ensembles page is designed to show examples of work by non, full-time, orchestral musicians brought together for reasons that vary as much as the names of the orchestras themselves in different parts of the world.

If you know, or have access to similar types of video of such ensembles from anywhere in the world, and you would like to share them with us on this page, we will be happy to post the link. Please note, we will not post videos without the appropriate copyright clearance or having a creative commons attributed licence.

NEW – Our first UK Orchestra!

Multi-Story Orchestra

Multi-Story is a project that brings classical music to unexpected places, run by composer Kate Whitley and conductor Christopher Stark. It has been based in a multi-storey Car Park in Peckham, London since 2011.  The Orchestra has been broadcast by Sky TV and Channel 4, and featured in BBC 4’s 2013 documentary ‘The Sound and the Fury’, and in 2015 Multi-Story was shortlisted for an RPS award for an outstanding initiative to engage audiences with classical music.

Boston Symphony Orchestra – ‘Onstage at Symphony’

The BSO’s ‘Onstage at Symphony’ is another excellent initiative.  Unlike ADO, players, instrumentalists wishing to participate don’t undertake an audition. Of those who do take up this opportunity at the BSO, many see it as a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Utah Symphony’s Pro-Am

Another variant on a theme:  With Utah Symphony’s ‘Pro-Am’ initiative, each participating instrumentalist sits next to a Utah Symphony member.  In the ADO, the only non-auditioned professional player is the Concertmaster.


Some More Terrific Initiatives Worth Checking Out:

AFM Local 802 ‘All-Star Orchestra’

This one is a little different, but consistent with the ethos of providing orchestral musicians with the opportunities to perform. In New York City, the American Federation of Musicians (AFM) Local 802 created an initiative called the ‘All-Star Orchestra’. It is composed of some of the most experienced professional musicians in and around New York, many of whom are former members of the New York Philharmonic, MET Orchestra, Broadway and the recording studios.  All the players are now seniors either in semi, or full, retirement from professional music making.  The orchestra performs at Carnegie Hall (only fitting really!)


Oklahoma City Philharmonic – ‘Be the Orchestra’
New Jersey Symphony Orchestra – #OrchestraYou
Philadelphia Orchestra – PlayINs
Richmond (Va.) Symphony – ‘Come & Play’

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