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The Podium Major Sponsorship

The Podium

The Podium


The Podium Sponsorship (so named for the box that orchestra conductors stand on) is, in keeping with its name, an elevated level of recognition! This is the Australian Discovery Orchestra’s flagship major sponsorship option. We can accept only one sponsorship at this level each season, as this sponsorship receives the most brand recognition in support of the ADO.

As the Major Sponsor, you should know ~

• You, or your company, are the official sponsorship partner of the Australian Discovery Orchestra and will be recognised as such in all promotional materials;

• Receive a one-only, 30-second, pre-roll Video Ad. (TVC equivalent) at the beginning of the live-streamed event with a follow-up 20-second in-line Video Ad. after at the half-way mark of the streamed performance. (Value: $1500)

• Be separately recognised as “The Australian Discovery Orchestra proudly supported by [insert your business or company name here]” in the pre-roll stream titles.

• Receive above-the-line billing equivalent on the ADO website listed under ‘Major Sponsor’;

• Acknowledged by the live presenter during the live-streamed concert events with your business, or company, logo superimposed over the live-feed;

• Receive exclusive invitations to attend, as a VIP guest, our live-streamed events and see how our concerts are created using our HD multi-camera setup. You will also be able to meet and spend time with the Orchestra;

• Receive a private invitation to reception and dinner hosted by the ADO joined by our Principal Conductor, Kevin Purcell.

What we can’t offer you ~
We are unable to offer any tax-deductibility on your sponsorship. The Australian Discovery Orchestra is a For-Profit enterprise under the umbrella of Quill & Quaver Associates LLC, New York, USA. Please refer to our Disclaimer/Privacy Policy should you require further information.

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