Tosca: Angelotti’s Escape

The plot of Puccini’s opera, TOSCA, has as its background the Battle of Marengo in the Piedmont area of Italy when the French First Consul, Napoleon Bonaparte, routed the Austrian army near Marengo on 14 June, 1800.


Castel Sant’Angelo ca.18th Century

Earlier in June of the same year, the short-live Roman Republic had been reclaimed by the Papal States under Pope Pius VII.

In TOSCA, the Consul of the deceased Roman Republic is a character named Angelotti.  At the start of Puccini’s operatic masterpiece, Angelotti has escaped from the papal prison, Castel Sant’Angelo.  His capture will be under the command of the head of the Roman Secret Police: Baron Scarpia.

In our forthcoming 3D game-world, you will be immersed into Tosca’s Rome and help Angelotti escape from the villainous and murderous Scarpia.  Finding the correct escape route will give you access to special features for the Australian Discovery Orchestra’s August 27th concert performance of TOSCA.

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