Two Weeks Until ISV Festival

Briony_BuysBeing part of a Festival is always an enormous commitment by everyone involved.  The organizational logistics are enormous, complex and time consuming.  The upcoming Independent Schools Victoria, Arts Learning Festival kicks off in just under two weeks.

Our maestro too, is flying in from New York especially for the ADO’s special collaboration with the Festival to conduct two Australian premieres of two American symphonic works composed for younger audiences.

The first piece, Miranda’s Waltz, by Susan Kander is for narrator and orchestra.  The piece is about a small girl – aptly named ‘Miranda’ – who learns to navigate the big, wide world through the assistance of an even smaller mouse over three days visiting her local park.  Miranda starts out not very confident in dealing with the grown-up world but, by the end, with the help of mouse and her friends, has been shown not to be afraid and whilst little, she is so very capable!

Inside the park Miranda meets an assortment of characters including a kind and gentle old man (who feeds mouse his cheese whilst reading to him!) ducks, a tenacious cat, a noisy dog, and myriad grown-ups who enjoy the park with their young children.  There is also an amazing kite-flying sequence not to be missed!  It is delightful in every way.


The last work on the concert is the remarkable Imaginary Symphony No. 1 by fellow New York composer, Anthony Piccolo.  As well as a very fine composer, Tony is also Director of Children’s Chorus at The Metropolitan Opera, a job that is infinitely demanding in one of the world’s great Opera houses.  His work is scored for large children’s chorus and orchestra.  The symphony is in three movements with chorus text drawn from a variety of well-known and unknown poetry.  I think my favorite text is from the second movement Scherzo (‘Explore’) warning the unwary:

Matthew Mark, Luke and John went to bed with their trousers on
Mark Cried out in the middle of the night,
Oh, my trousers are too TIGHT!


For the ADO Arts Festival Orchestra presentation, we are delighted to have 55 children drawn from schools across Victoria as the choir for this enchanting work.  They are being brilliantly prepared by ADO Head of Chorus, Diana Simpson, with ADO pianist, Kate Denmead, and pianist Peter Baker.

But this concert event is special in many other ways.  Firstly, the orchestra will comprise members from the ADO permanent roster in addition to many Victorian school music teachers joining us for this one-off extraordinary opportunity on the closing day of festival events (Sunday 7th. May).

To attend the live concert, you can book tickets here.  If you’re one of our many global subscribers you can, as always, watch the concert via our live-stream.

And lastly, but by no means least, we have designed and created in conjunction with our technology partner, Ortelia Interactive, one of our unique audience engagement 3-D game worlds.

For the Festival we have additionally created a special promo code reward for children who complete the game offering discounted child’s tickets from Independent Schools Victoria.

See you at the Festival.


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