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Why Can Only Australian or New Zealand Citizens or Permanent Residents of Australia Apply To Perform With The ADO?
Inasmuch as we would love to have anyone perform with the ADO who is suitably capable of doing so, the reality is that the ADO was established to provide professional-level orchestral instrumentalists; meeting any one of these requirements, with greater opportunities to perform in an established ensemble of like-minded peers, and who have reached similar levels of musical accomplishment.

Are ADO Musicians Remunerated for Their Participation?
Yes. ADO musicians receive a base call fee.

What is Required in the Video Audition?
Applicants are required to perform a list of orchestral excerpts.  Each excerpt is performed once, face to camera with instrument clearly visible. Applicants are requested to commence the audition by stating their full name. Please ensure that the privacy setting for your audition video is set to Unlisted.

How Do I Find Out What the Orchestral Excerpts are and How to Submit my Audition Materials?
Once you have applied through the ADO website by completing the ADO Online Application form, you will emailed the list of orchestral excerpts for your instrument.

Can I Apply to Play in the Orchestra Irrespective of Where I Live in Australia?
Yes. The orchestra is open to all Australian, New Zealand citizens and permanent residents over the age of 18 years. We have the privilege of engaging players from most States on each concert.  Please note, at this time, we do not subsidise any travel or accommodation expenses.

When I am Accepted into The ADO, Do I Hold this Position Permanently?
There is no simple answer to this question. If you play an instrument for which only one chair is required, then our current policy is to give the first nominated player first right of refusal to participate in each planned concert. The reality, however, is that musicians’ schedules change constantly; and sometimes at short notice, so we do offer invitations to many players to perform with the ADO on a regular basis.

Conversely, if you play a string instrument, the chances of consecutive invitations is proportionally more likely, although not automatic, as the size of string complement required will change from concert to concert.

Will I Need to Re-audition Year-on-Year?
Generally, we will not ask musicians to re-audition each year dependent upon satisfactory participation in rehearsals and concerts.

How Many Rehearsals Will There be for Each Concert?
There will be two to three rehearsals for each concert: two on a Saturday (morning and afternoon) with the possibility of a sectional rehearsal on the Friday evening prior.  Saturday evenings will be free.  We strongly recommend that ADO musicians travelling from interstate arrive on the Thursday evening or Friday morning if at all possible.

Where are the Concerts Done?
The Orchestra’s Executive team has made a decision to again do concerts from Melbourne in 2021.  We use several different performance venues based on their availability for our preferred concert dates.

It is important to know that the ADO is a national-based player orchestra and not a state-based ensemble.

Why do we Offer Pay-Per-View Concerts in Addition to Live Concert Events?
We record our concerts in multi-camera setups in HD with broadcast quality sound.

The ADO has a growing following outside of Australia of individuals and organizations who wish to be able to view our concerts as our repertoire is commonly neither commonly heard elsewhere nor available in pre-existing recordings on any platform.

In some cases overseas orchestras use ADO performances to evaluate repertoire choices for their own concert seasons.  With our significant time-zone difference to the rest of the world, we have found that live-streaming our concerts is, at this time, impractical.  Nonetheless, the ADO will continue to offer live-streaming concerts on an occasional basis.

Please note that any asynchronous broadcast by any individual, or third-party, on any digital or electronic platform, or any other media, is not permitted by the ADO without written prior permission and consent.  Please read our Privacy Policy and Disclaimer information for further details.