How To Audition 2023

Follow these Steps:


Please note: returning ADO musicians are not required to re-audition for 2023

  1. Complete the online application form.
  1. You will need to have a passport size photo as a digital image to upload (file format: jpg, png or pdf not to exceed 500Kb in size).
  1. After we have received your application form, you will be emailed the audition excerpts for your instrument.
  1. For the audition, each excerpt is performed once, face to camera with instrument clearly visible. Applicants are requested to commence the audition by stating their full name. You may stop the camera device between each excerpt.
  1. Having videoed your audition, you will need to upload your audition video to either YouTube or Vimeo. Please ensure that the privacy settings for your audition video is set to Unlisted.
Advice: If you are using a smart phone or tablet to record your audition do not place the device too close to your instrument, as the microphones built into these devices can be easily overloaded when playing the louder passages from the orchestral excerpts.
  1. Once you have uploaded your audition to YouTube or Vimeo, you need to send us the ‘unlisted’ link so that we can view it.
Advice: Please review our description of what each setting on YouTube means if you are unsure as to the available settings (Public, Unlisted and Private).
  1. Only Australian or New Zealand Citizens or Permanent Residents of Australia over the age of 18 years are able to apply.