Only 5 Days To Auditions Closing


Hi Everyone,

I thought I would ask to have this little ‘encouragement’ blog posted to let you know how excited I am to be told that we have had such a great response from musicians wanting to play with the ADO.  But you do have to get your auditions in by Friday this coming week.  Yes – this coming Friday, the 29th January!  Where has the time gone?

So, please, don’t prevaricate.  Get that instrument out of the case, stick your iPhone or iPad on your music stand (yes, I am an unabashed Apple person) and video record your excerpts.  If you’re unsure how to upload your videos to YouTube or Vimeo (as you prefer) please send Janine or Briony an email and get them to give you some help.  But before that, check out the Video Upload Help page first on this site under the Musicians tab.

I’m in Los Angeles as Im writing this (actually I’m stuck here because of the storms on the East Coast) working on the music prep. for a new CD of the classical music of Grammy Award-winning and 7 time Emmy nominated composer, Nan Schwartz,  which I’m recording this coming June in Vienna.  Also, I’m putting the finishing touches on the procedural and legal compliance requirements for an exciting new CD project for the ADO (yep, you guys!) the sessions for which will take place this coming November with the CD to be distributed by a major U.S. record company. We’re not ready to release the full details yet, but I can tell you that it involves the involvement and cooperation of ASCAP.  For those of you who worked with me before, you might get an inkling of what this might be about.

But before all that we do our first concert together in May.  The program has been finalised as Copland’s The Tender Land: Suite and Brenton Broadstock’s revised Concerto for Orchestra: Made in Heaven based on the famous Jazz album by Miles Davis – Kind of Blue (1959).  I’m also recording this piece later in July as well – but that’s for another blog in the future.  If you don’t know The Tender Land, check it out on Naxos (or wherever you listen to your music) as it really is one of those unknown gems that makes you wonder why you never hear this piece done live.

So, see you all sooner than later.  AND DO YOUR AUDITIONS!

Best wishes,