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I love that there is this opportunity for musicians to keep doing what they love in a very modern setting! I think it’s brilliant!!

Alahana Somerville (Melbourne)

Dear Kevin,
I wanted to write to thank you for the magnificent recording of Gibbs’ Third Symphony. I am always profoundly moved when I listen the music he wrote following my Uncle David’s death…….As you know, Gibbs was from Danbury in Essex, but Vaughan Williams from the Cotswolds was a good friend, as were Gustav Holst from Cheltenham and Herbert Howells from Gloucester.

David Rust (The Armstrong Gibbs Society)

Dear Kevin,
Firstly may I congratulate you on a magnificent performance of Gurney’s A Gloucestershire Rhapsody. Of all the performances I have heard yours comes the closest to what I think Gurney would have wanted. Your took a broad and majestic view of the opening Nobilmente theme and the long variation that followed. This sequed perfectly into the short dance intermezzo that was beautifully handled and not taken too fast. Indeed, your overall tempi relationships were spot on. Most conductors in this piece have in my opinion failed to understand these subtle relationships and indeed the changing micro moods within each section. This may be difficult with some dense texture at times but it’s not impossible as you have shown. The orchestra clearly enjoyed playing the work and responded with some wonderfully passionate playing. Would you please pass on my sincere congratulations and thanks to them for an outstanding performance.

Ian Venables (Lead-Trustee, The Ivor Gurney Trust)