Miranda’s Waltz | Imaginary Symphony No. 1

Recommended viewing in Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. Other browsers, such as Safari, may not display and function correctly.



Standard QWERTY key functions apply.  See below.


First rule: Don’t be afraid. It’s fun!

After the game loads, you will see a ‘START’ button appear. Click on START to begin.

At the bottom of the screen you will see Miranda’s MOUSE who will give you instructions how to move around in Miranda’s Park.  When MOUSE finishes speaking, you can find the entry to Miranda’s Park and start your adventure.

You only need to use the W, S, A and D keys on your computer keyboard. W = move forward; S = move backwards; A = move left and D = move right.  You can also use the equivalent arrow keys if you prefer.

You can also use your mouse (or other tracking device) to look around where you are at any spot

You can move faster by pressing the <command> or shift key at the same time as pressing the W, S, A or D keys

You can jump by pressing the space bar key.

You can ‘Pause’ the game at any point by pressing the ESC key  (usually located at top left corner of your computer keyboard)